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Assessing Department

Township Assessor Appraiser
Paula Calopisis
Melissa Brooks

Phone - 734-482-6099    Fax - 734-482-3842

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One of the many tasks of an assessing department is to describe the land and improvements on the land. Ownership, type of ownership of the property and selling prices are tracked.

The assessor and appraiser both estimate the value of a parcel of real property. In addition, the assessor places value on multiple properties which are unique in style, age, square footage and land amounts. If there is no recent sale price for properties in a given area, the assessor uses a standardized mass appraisal technique to estimate the value.

Principal Residence Exemption (formerly known as Homestead Exemption): This is not the same "homestead exemption" you receive when filing your Michigan tax returns. Simply stated, if the property is your primary residence, you are exempt from some school operating millages. To check if you're getting the lower tax rate, look for the line on your tax bill or assessment change notice that reads,  "exempt as Principal Residence or Qualified Agricultural Property". It should read 100%. To implement your principal residence exemption, Michigan Department of Treasury form 2368 (formerly T-1056) must be completed and on file at the Township.

Assessed Value: An assessed value of property is 50% of its "usual selling price". Assessments are determined by property sales occurring in the area during the past one year. Assessed value no longer determines property taxes.

Taxable Value: With the passage of Proposal '"A" in 1994, the taxable value of Michigan properties can never increase more than 5%. The consumer price index (CPI) is published each October and is used as the taxable increase (if less than 5%) or decrease for the following year . Because the CPI increased in 2013, the taxable will INCREASE for 2014  by 1.016%. THE TAXABLE VALUE WILL BECOME THE SAME AS THE ASSESSED VALUE THE YEAR FOLLOWING A SALE. (It is no longer correct to think that your taxes will be similar to the sellers on your new home or vacant land.) The taxable value will again be "capped" by the consumer price index (or 5%) the second year after the sale. Your taxes and your neighbors taxes may vary greatly depending on the year the property was purchased.

New Construction: Only the value of the new construction is added to taxes. Decks are assessed even if they are not attached to the home. A room addition or new garage to your home will not "uncap" the taxable value. Square footage costs vary depending on size of the building, foundation type, story height and quality of construction. The value of new construction is based on its percent of completion as of December 31st for the following tax year.

Parcel Records: The assessing department has general information on all properties within the Township. This includes year built/remodeled, square footage, number of bathrooms, class (commercial, residential), zoning, legal description, land improvements, school districts, current owner, sales prices, assessed and taxable. WE DO NOT SHOW where the dwellings are located on the land; well and septic or water and sewer locations; easements or benchmarks. A survey is required for these items.

Field Inspections: The department does not have the staff to visit each property yearly. At your request, we will inspect your home to verify our information. We do inspect all new construction and some properties that are sold.

2015 Assessment Notices

The 2015 Real Property assessment notices have been mailed and property owners of record should be receiving their notices the week of February 23, 2015. The Assessed Value and tentative State Equalized Value (SEV) should represent 50% of fair market value of your property as of December 31, 2014. The Taxable Value is calculated by multiplying the 2014 Taxable Value by 1.6% (the CPI, or inflation rate, for 2015) unless there was a transfer of ownership in 2014 or if there were any physical changes or any new construction on the property. It is the Taxable Value that is used to calculate the property tax on your tax bill.

The March Board of Review (BOR) is charged with reviewing the assessment roll and hearing appeals by property owners who believe their assessment is in error or exceeds 50% of the propertyís fair market value. The 2015 organizational meeting of the BOR will be on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at 10:00 AM; no public appeals will be heard at this time. The BOR will meet to hear public appeals on Monday, March 9, 2015, from noon to 7:00 PM, on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, from noon to 7:00 PM, and on Thursday, March 12, 2015, from noon to 7:00 PM. Hearings are by appointment and can be scheduled by calling the Township office at (734) 482-6099 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Written appeals will also be accepted in lieu of personal appearance, but must be post marked by Tuesday, March 10, 2015, to arrive in time for the BORís consideration.

The BOR can also grant one-year poverty exemptions of property tax if an owner meets certain income and asset criteria as set forth in the Superior Township Poverty Exemption Guidelines and can grant one-year exemptions to qualified Disabled Veterans. Please call the Township office if you believe you might qualify under either of these programs.